Some negative things to know about artificial turf

If you are from those who have a beautiful garden but tired of due to maintenance and thinking to install artificial turf then you need to know many things about artificial turf. Do you know that which material is used in the production of artificial grass? Well, the fiber is used in the production of synthetic turf and this is made from plastic and rubber.  This is good looking and helpful but there are some drawbacks of artificial turf.

Drawback of Installing Artificial Turf

If any burning thing falls on this grass then it starts catching fire and it can cause big trouble due to catching fire. This got easily damaged due to vandalism. Artificial grass also starts fading due to sun light. If any area of the synthetic grass is in shade then the area will be dark and contrast but another part will be faded. This thing looks disgusting and there is nothing which you can do to stop it. Artificial turf also gets damaged due to weather and the most of the companies don’t give any claim for this type of issue. The worst issue with synthetic turf is that it absorbs heat which increases the temperature in that particular area.

Best Quality Artificial Turf

There are many companies which provide best quality turf and they guarantee for their product. Well, Astroturf is one of the most famous companies which are providing artificial turf for sports ground as well as home use.