What You Don’t Know About LinkedIn That Can Hurt Your Job Search

Many executive job hunters sign onto LinkedIn, look around, Proteus Leadership find others that they know, include a few links, and then… nothing.

When questioned after, they will admit that they have been perplexed about the website’s worth, and therefore neglected to construct connections or accept invitations.

When my executive clients have went through this routine, I find that they usually didn’t realize that LinkedIn is a popular tool for job search, with a substantial effect on their success.

LinkedIn, just from the grade of its internal tools and tools, is a excellent spot to run an executive job search.

The website includes methods that you can use to locate company insiders, tap into a new set of professionals and recruiters, bet a presence on the LinkedIn forums, and also use internal industry memberships–all to your benefit.

However, the best reason get familiar with LinkedIn and maintain your profile REGULARLY is that it simplifies older information about you on the Web–making it easy for others to realize your executive credentials throughout your hunt.